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Photos of catamaran Kawai

The pictures


Anchorage of Mayreau

Deck catamaran

Boat yard catamaran Trinidad

Catamaran Kawai saloon

Sails and rigging

Anchorage in the Grenadines

Port hull

Cockpit and saloon

Starboard hull

The pictures above were taken during the cruises of Kawai in the Grenadines, Martinique and the Caribbean in general, but also to its implementation in the water after manufacture in Brazil, as well as during maintenance in Trinidad.

Catamaran Kawai charters

Kawai is a simple, lightweight and fast boat, without frills. The basic idea is that it is enough to navigate and have pleasure to be on the water. On the contrary even, it is essential to make the right choices and do not take this which serves no purpose, or to not large thing and who could quickly become source of problems and mishaps.

Any superfluous equipment on a boat is an unnecessary burden that it will be transported. She will weigh, whether we like it or not, its own weight and will occupy a place equal to its volume. When one knows the influence of weight on the performance and the marine qualities of any boat, but even more particularly to a catamaran and that we know how the place is limited on board, it will very quickly to the essential. Twenty years of navigation make you understand.

A boat rugged yet lightweight (essential for a catamaran), a plan of effective wing and just what it takes to be able to live well in the tropics give you the equation which will make your sailboat the perfect tool for cruises without problems.

A catamaran must remain light to be on, fast, go back to the wind and navigate to the veil even if the wind is low. This will save you many hours of engine and the discomfort of a boat rocked by the sea for the benefit of a sailboat doing route supported by its wing.

The free spaces and reached you will ensure a comfort of life in navigation as at anchor that would spoil a profusion of useless hardware.

At sea, simplicity is synonymous with comfort.

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