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Charter pictures by Emmanuel Sans

The pictures

Cloud in the Caribbean

Grenadines islands

Hold boat

Ths Grenadines

At the anchorage

Happy Island Union


Union Lagoon Grenadines

Tobago Cays Grenadines

Tobago Cays Marine Park

The photos above were made by Emmanuel Sans (Mawel) during a cruise of a dozen days on the northern part of the Grenadines. We have done this cruise to achieve videos 'Grenadines Dreams' and 'Charter to the Grenadines'. Professional photographer, Mawel has not been able to prevent to do, at the same time, a few great shots.

During this cruise, we sum quartered on three separate areas: Mayreau, Tobago Cays and Union. The aim was to highlight video (area that we really do neither the one nor the other) the beauty of the sites more than bring the Grenadines in their whole.

Weather during the cruise

We have had, during this cruise to the Grenadines, weather conditions very special, with very calm see and no wind, which is quite rare for the location. This has facilitated the shots and given to pictures and videos a very special looking, and sometimes gives the impression of being on a lake or in a pool. This is also the only time i is been given to make the trip Union - Tobago Cays to the engine.

Charter to the Grenadines

The northern part of the Grenadines is the best known and most visited. However, the attendance remains very reasonable, the size and the diversity of available anchorages do that there are widely room for everyone.

You need to count a minimum of seven days to achieve a cruise from Martinique to the Grenadines (northern part). To have time to really benefit, it is appropriate to provide for at least eight to ten days.

The southern part of the Grenadines is less visited. It depends administratively on the island of Grenada and it is necessary to carry out customs formalities to go from north of the Grenadines to the South, which takes a little time. You must therefore have a minimum of eleven days for your cruise on the southern Grenadines.

Professional photo albums:

Emmanuel Sans
Lison Libault

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