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Wale Jumping during Caribbean charter

The video

During a Granadines charter

The images of this video have been touring the coast of the island of Saint Vincent by one of my clients, with his camcorder staff, during one of the catamaran Kawai charter in the Grenadines . Unfortunately, the whale was a bit far and I can see it only surreptitiously.

As a general rule, it is easy and without danger of being closer to the whales up to go to a few meters of them. This happens from time to time, without having seen arriving the animal, which is not without creating surprise and amazement for all crew members.

In this specific case, I prefer to remain in good distance because, when a whale probe and then jumps out of the water in this way, it is impossible to know where it will come out exactly ... and therefore also or it will fall. Having seen, on Youtube, several video of whale drooping on sailboats, better remain cautious.

Marine mammals and charters in the Grenadines

It is not uncommon to cross of marine mammals during a catamaran cruise to the Grenadines. The more frequently, this are encountered with dolphins, sometimes with pilot whales, sometimes with the whales. Some areas are more conducive to these meetings, such as the north of the Caribbean coast of Martinique or the south of the Caribbean coast of St Lucia, at least for dolphins and pilot whales.

Statistically, we met these two species more than once on two during the cruises in the Grenadines.

The seasons of the whales in Caribbean

Whales are migratory animals. Even if we can meet throughout the year, they spend on the West Indies from March to June. In this period, it has happened to me to see some at each charter, such the population was important. In other years, the frequency is less great. This depends on the route that they use.

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