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Djembe djam in Carriacou Grenadines

The video

Shooting conditions

This video was shot by one of my clients, with his digital camera during one of the sailing yacht Kawai in the Grenadines.

The images were made during an evening at the Lambi Queen, small restaurant located on the beach of Tirell Bay, after the traditional concert of Steel Band from Friday evening. The instruments of music does not missing and the percussionists not more, these evenings have often ended by a scene open to who wants to play well or dance.

Southern Grenadines charters

Carriacou is part of the southern Grenadines. You'll need a cruise duration of eleven days minimum to be able to visit this island without missing anything of sumptuous anchorages of the northern part.

Carriacou island

The island of Carriacou has its own personality and its own atmosphere. Everything taking place there with a sleazy and a nonchalant attitude even more marked than in the islands of the north. Stay out of the classic circuit of cruises in the Grenadines, it has managed to maintain an authenticity and a pace very personal.

Visited only by a few bareboat rented catamaran, recreational boaters who spend there are more often of the travellers, even residents, much more integrated in the local population that in the northern islands . Many are those who are there remains and works there, thus creating long term relationships with the local population.

Apart from the Friday evening live performances of steel band in Lambi Queen, you can enjoy lunch in small local restaurants and spend your afternoon to "Paradise Beach", sumptuous beach located to the west of the north side, climb on "Chapeau Carré" to admire the view of the group of islets of the south, or go visit in collective taxi the constructions of local boats to "Winward", to the north of the east coast.

A journey in space and time, in the heart of the Caribbean, which will not leave you indifferant.

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