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Leopard ray Tobago Cays

The video

Shooting conditions

These images have been filmed in the Tobago Cays, during one of the cruises of the catamaran "Kawai" to the Grenadines. That day, a leopard ray is come perform a water ballet just under the boat, then that we get down to the water for a snorkeling session(palms, mask, tuba).

Even I realized the taken of views with my Gopro, as well as the fitting. The music is always the friend Alex (MusikSur).

Ray and charters in the Grenadines

It is not uncommon to encounter of rays to the Grenadines. There will not be a ray under the boat to you each time you put in the water, but if you spend an hour in the water in the Tobago Cays, this would play of misfortune that not to meet at least one.

The great majority are stingrays. The leopards rays are less easy to find, although they are not rare. They swim usually on funds of sand in search of food. These are also found sometimes to half buried in the sand, what raise by using their large wings like a suction cup in order to delve into the deeper layers in to release something to eat.

It is easy to approach and shoot. However, it should not frighten them so that they never feel in danger or attacked. This is when even the wild animals and the speed at which she shredded a head of bonito portends the pain of a possible bite. Attention also to the venomous sting that some relate to their queue and which cause bad injuries.

Be that as it may, no need of getting too close and risking to frighten to take advantage of the majestic ballet they offer by evolving simply in their natural environment.

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