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These images were made by Morgan and Scilla during their catamaran charter in the Grenadines. They left me this video so that i published on this site.

The images have, once again, been carried out with a Gopro. The music is from Alexis (MusikSur), to not change and the small mounting of your servant.

Yacht charter Grenadines and fishing

The fishing is fairly regulated in the Grenadines, particular in the interior of the natural parks or any form of fishing is absolutely forbidden, namely in the national park of the Tobago Cays (Island of Mayreau, lagoon of Tobago Cays, Egg Reef and World End Reef) as well as around the island of Sandy Island and in the bay of Paradise Beach.

Speargun fishing is prohibited throughout the Grenadines.

The fishing to lag behind or to the line is allowed outside the national parks, which leaves when even widely the place for fishing.

Lobster fishing in the Grenadines

Lobster fishing is allowed if it is practiced in apnea, by lasso, by hook or by hand.

She is prohibited from May to August, for matters of reproduction. In this period, any consumption, sale or detention of lobster is considered an offense liable to a heavy fine . The minimum weight of the spiny lobsters caught must be of one and a half pound, or approximately seven hundred grams, in order to let grow quietly and allow to reproduce the most small.

Needless to say, that is not an easy sport and that, if you want to fish lobster by yourself, you must have a adequate level in free diving. You can start practicing now.

Not of concern however, the fishermen regularly spend toward the boats offer to sell fish and lobster. The local restaurants all offer a lobster menu and it is even possible to organise lobster barbecues on the beache in the Grenadines.

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