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Photos of kitesurf charters in the Grenadines

The pictures

Kitesurf in Tobago Cays

Kite Grenadines

Tobago Cays lagoon and Petit Tabac

Kite in front of Petit Rameau and Baradal

Anchorage of Tobago Cays and Union

Kitesurf in the Caribbean

Kite in the Grenadines

Caribbean Kitesurfing

Kiteboarding in the Caribbean

Tobago Cays Grenadines

The above photos were taken at the Tobago Cays during a kitesurf session during one of the catamaran Kawai charter in the Grenadines. They will enable you to judge the quality of the spot and of the beauty of the place.

Kitesurf charters in the Grenadines

The Grenadines, several spots of kitesurfing is offer to you, depending on your level. You can also take course of kite to Union at JTProCenter.

The big advantage of the location is that it allows the followers of kite surfing to practice their sport while the other participants of the cruise, non-practicing, have other activity. Indeed, the main spots are all relatives of the moorings and the walks on foot, spots of snorkeling, beaches, bar, restaurants and visits to any kind do not lack in the vicinity .

The islands of Mayreau, Union, Morpion, Sandy Island or the lagoon of Tobago Cays harbor the main spots of kitesurfing.


Generally, the plans of water are located in the wind of the islands, sheltered from the sea of wide by a coral reef. This ensures you a flow of laminar wind on a sea houses. A tidally high, the choppy seas can be a little more brand that has tidally low, without being embarrassing.

They are also used as anchorage for the boats in the vast majority of cases, but the weak funds located just behind the barrier reef, by prohibiting the access to sailing vessels of the fact of their pulling of water, provide a clear space where you can practice the kite surfing without having to worry about any of the mats of boats. In addition, you have often foot.

Some wavy spots, easily accessible, also exist in several places.

Wind and seasons

In order to be on to have enough wind for kitesurfing, it is preferable to provide your cruise between the months of December and the month of May. Outside this period, low winds are more frequent and, although in favor of the comfort of life at anchor and to the practices of other activities (sailing, snorkeling, swimming, swimming), they may, by period, to hinder you for the practice of kitesurf.

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