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rental catamaran at the anchorage in the Tobago Cays cruising catamaran view from top of the mast Salt Whistle Bay beach in Mayreau in Grenadines beach in the Grenadines and boats at the anchorage
rental catamaran at the anchorage in Tobago Cays

A skipper also boat builder

Boat building

Aikane boat yard - Trinidad
Although in standby for now, I've been working for several years in boat building and repair, equally in Martinique, Cape Verde, Brazil and Trinidad.
interior catamaran
Charter catamaran Kawai


Composite parts building
Wood and epoxy parts building
Carbone parts building
Custom mast building
Mold building
Boat refit and launching
Consulting and training

Main completed projects

Building of a cruising catamaran type Taroa 37 'Kawai'

Building of the entire boat (wood/epoxy/glass/carbon), including mast in wood and carbon, at the ENEP Boat Yard (Brazil), with a team of local workers.

See a complete description of the boat: Catamaran Kawai

Repairs of racing Trimaran 60' ORMA 'Madinina'

60' ORMA Trimaran
60' ORMA Trimaran Madinina
Repairs of the boat (Airex and vacuum bagged carbon sandwich) after he turnover during the hurricane Dean: hull, deck, rudder. Repairs and structural reinforcement of the main hull.

Refit of monohull 33' 'Sapeto'

Complete refit of the boat (fiberglass and balsa sandwich): hull, mast, rigging, sails, deck hardware, electricity, engine.
catamaran mast
Sailing catamaran Deep Sea I

Refit of professional fishing boat 33' 'Rolander'

Transformation of a diving boat (fiberglass and wood & epoxy) in a professional fishing boat: steering room, deck, cold room, furniture.

Refit of cruising catamaran 60' 'Deep Sea I'

Finalization of the works after a complete refit of the boat (fiberglass and honeycomb sandwich) performed by the Aikane Boat Yard (Trinidad): plumbing, rigging, electricity, electronics, furniture. Launching of the boat, starting of the systems, sailing trials, delivery and last modification.

Hard top building for catamaran 45'

Building of a hard top (fiberglass and honeycomb sandwich). Building of the molds.

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