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rental catamaran at the anchorage in the Tobago Cays cruising catamaran view from top of the mast Salt Whistle Bay beach in Mayreau in Grenadines beach in the Grenadines and boats at the anchorage
rental catamaran at the anchorage in Tobago Cays

Catamaran Kawai Building

A quality building, a performing boat

wooden catamaran under construction
Catamaran "Kawai" building - Hulls

The boat was built, for the most part, in the 'Estaleiro Naval da Escola do Pai' shipyard, in Sao Luis, Brazil, by a team of professionals recruited and directed by me, from October 2004 to January 2006. Thereafter, I did the finishing and installed the missing equipment myself.
wooden catamaran, coated hull on port side
Catamaran "Kawai" building


The hulls are shaped. The bottom (underwater hull) is made of cedro strip planking (red cedar of South America), placed on pairs of glued cedro strips. The wall (topsides) is made of cedro plywood slightly bent.


The beams are box-type, made of solid wood and plywood, in order to give a good rigidity to the boat.


The deck, the roof and the cabin are made of plywood on a solid wood structure.
For all these parts, an important structural naval work made it possible to put a thin skin (plywood) on a tight structure, giving the boat lightness and rigidity.

catamaran building, painting work
Inside paints


A custom hollow mast in wood/plywood/carbon was made on site by me to mainly lower the center of gravity of the mast-rigging part.


It was assembled on site from turnbuckles with manual butt crimp (durability) and single-strand cable.


All deck chainplates are made of carbon in order to avoid bolting, which can ultimately be a source of leaks and damage to these high-stress areas.


The stocks are made of carbon, and the blades of cedro. Each stock-blade unit weighs under 22 pounds and is easily removable at anchorage by a single person.
wooden catamaran construction
Deck building

Dagger boards

Essential on a catamaran, they are hollow and made of wood/carbon, which gives them a significant lightweight during maneuvers.

All external parts are laminated in glass/epoxy or carbon/epoxy.

Deck fittings

It is reduced to minimal, but of quality, in order to obtain a simple and reliable platform.

catamaran building, inside painting
Inside paints


An outboard engine on a 15-horsepower-chair has favorably replaced the inboard engine originally planned.

Electric circuit

The entire energy of the boat is provided by three solar panels of 80 watts. Installation further down the line is simple and of quality to best master consumption.


As for deck fittings, minimum and of quality.

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