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rental catamaran at the anchorage in the Tobago Cays cruising catamaran view from top of the mast Salt Whistle Bay beach in Mayreau in Grenadines beach in the Grenadines and boats at the anchorage
rental catamaran at the anchorage in Tobago Cays

Catamaran charter in the Grenadines

The Grenadines achipelago

anchorage in the lagoon in Clifton Union
Union Island - Grenadines
(7 to 15 days charters)
Grenadines map
Map of the Grenadines
« The pearl of the Caribbean »

Lagoons, white sand, turquoise waters, coral reefs, multiple islands, enchanting anchorages, stunning underwater sceneries,
Robert rastaman plays djembé in Mayreau
Mayreau - Grenadines
sea turtles, eagle rays, colorful fish in six feet of water... you wont believe your eyes!
The place is magnificent, people are hospitable and the trade winds permanant. If you've never been to the Grenadines, don't think twice, this is your destination!

Northern part
Juridically attached to the island of St. Vincent, it is the most spectacular part. Do not miss: the Tobago Cays National Park, Robert's bar and the view of the Tobago Cays in Mayerau, the cocktails from the restaurant in Palm Island, the lagoon in Union...

Southern part
(Charters over 10 days)
Juridically attached to the island of Grenada, it is wilder than the north, unknown to boaters; it is not uncommon to spend nights alone at anchor. Walks, fishing and spearfishing are in the program. You may even be lucky enough to see some sleeping sharks.

fish, corals, underwater view of the Tobago Cays
Tobago Cays - Grenadines

Your cruise

Depending on your profile (freediver, kite surfer, great sailor... or not), your preferences and available time, the program will be discussed and tailored to your hopes.

However, whoever you are, there are certain places that would actually be a shame to miss in the Grenadines. On this basis, it is quite simple to give the framework of a one-week standard charter. Keep in mind that any adjustment is possible and it will be very easy, once your profile known, to put together a customized journey up to 15 days. In the Caribbean for 5 years, and sailing in the Grenadines 6 months of the year (and I'm not tired of it yet), I start to know the area pretty well.

Eight days standard charter

Happy Island, anchorage in Clifton Lagoon in Union Island
Union Island - Grenadines

First day
Unless you board the night before, the appointment is at 9 am in Grande Anse. Boarding and set-up require a little time and experience, departure is usually around 11 am.
Underwater in the Tobago Cays lagoon
Tobago Cays - Grenadines

It leaves enough time for a first sail (around 6 hours) to Anse Cochon and to arrive during daytime to enjoy a first anchorage, a good swim and a beautiful snokeling site.

Second day
Departure around 7 am, to arrive around 4 pm in Bequia, first island in the Grenadines. This leaves time for customs and immigration formalities, a visit of the village and an evening ashore in a small restaurant specialized in barbecue and Caribbean cuisine. Local atmosphere guaranteed!

Third day
From Bequia, it takes 4 hours to reach the Tobago Cays. With an approach between 12 and 2 pm (by tacking under sails) for more tranquility and a full tour of the lagoon) you will benefit from a color palette quite breathtaking... if you like blue colors, of course!
view of Paradise Beach in Carriacou Island
Carriacou - Grenadines
Anchor is dropped at a distance of other boats, among coral heads (requiring familiarity) and marine life. Rays, puffer fish, surgeons, parrots are... under the boat! The place is absolute heaven.

Fourth day
In the morning, it is possible to explore the island of Baradal to discover iguanas and tortoises, and swim with sea turtles in the lee of the island.
Later on, a one-hour sail will take us to Mayreau. This small island of 300 inhabitants will seduce you with its quietness, tranquility and friendliness of its folks.
A visit to the 'viewpoint' (of Tobago Cays) and also to Salt Whistle Bay is a must.
A stop at Robert's, "best known rastaman in the Caribbean after Bob Marley" is also key. This bar restaurant, run by Robert and his children, is a true local institution. The kindness, joie de vivre, warm welcome, the best 'accras' (seafood fritters) in the world and excellent Caribbean cuisine will make you experience unforgettable times.

Fifth day
view of Union Island from the beach of Palm Island
Palm Island - Grenadines
Union Island and its lagoon are within an hour sail. However, a small stop in Palm Island, time for a cocktail, can hold your attention. Once more, beautiful scenery and lovely people.

Sixth day
An departure from Union Island in the morning get us to Petit Nevis in the afternoon, for a trip on the island and a snorkeling session in the anchorage.

Seventh day
An early departure from Petit Nevis and a big day of sailing can get us to St. Lucia in the evening.

Eighth day
After a well-deserved rest and a hearty breakfast, return to Martinique in a few hours with an arrival around 3 pm in Grand Anse... your head full of images.

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