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rental catamaran at the anchorage in the Tobago Cays cruising catamaran view from top of the mast Salt Whistle Bay beach in Mayreau in Grenadines beach in the Grenadines and boats at the anchorage
rental catamaran at the anchorage in Tobago Cays

Catamaran charter in Martinique

The Martinique Island

Sunset with a catamaran at the anchorage in Anse Chaudière, Martinique
Anse Chaudière - Martinique
(1 to 8 days charters)
map of Martinique
Map of Martinique
« Les arbres sont des explosions dont la dernière étincelle vient écumer sur mes mains... » Aimé Césaire

A tropical piece of France

Certainly one of the most beautiful islands of the Lesser Antilles.
Its name evokes Creole music, rum, spices...
You can discern the high reliefs on the far shore, the Mount Pelee and the Pitons du Carbet crowning this still-wild island. The heart of its dense tropical forest treasures impressive waterfalls and ravines. With lush vegetation and a shoreline where green hills meet large bays of white sand, Martinique radiates its contrasts.

One-day rental

South, Caribbean side,
With its many coves, its villages and beaches.
Departing from Grande Anse at 9 am, for a sail to the 'rocher du diamand' followed by a wild anchorage at 'Anse chaudière'. Lunch stop, swimming, snorkeling. In the afternoon, a sail in the bay of Fort de France will takes you to L'Anse Noire, beautiful cove fringed with coconut palms and a black sand beach. Anchorage, swimming and return to Grande Anse for 5 pm.

North, Caribbean side,
dolphin in north Martinique
Cruise northern Martinique
Where encounters with dolphins and marine mammals are most common.
Departing from Grande Anse at 8 am, for a sail to Le Carbet. During this sail, it is customary to find schools of dolphins or pilot whales. Anchorage at Le Carbet to freshen up with a swim, and then eat (lunch possible at the famous restaurant "Chez les pecheurs"). In the afternoon, return sail by the bay of Fort de France to be at Grande Anse for 5 pm.

Two-day rental

North and South
A mini charter combining both north and south circuits is possible, with a night at Anse noire.

Far North
On the same principle as the northern circuit, this cruise furthers the discovery of this coast upto the rock 'La Perle' and 'Anse couleuvre' anchorage, especially wild and hardly ever visited. The night is spent at 'Anse couleuvre' or Carbet depending on the weather.
shadow of a crew member, sunset in Anse Noire, Martinique
Anse Noire - Martinique

Three-day rental

A mixture of circuits and anchorages presented above is possible, in order to take full advantage of the tranquillity and beaches of the Caribbean coast.

Four-day or more rentals

A cruise around Martinique, including a circuit on the windward coast to the many anchorages of Francois, the harbor of Robert and 'Les fonds blancs' (white seafloor) is possible. The stops are based on the duration and weather conditions.

Jean-Francois Clavel - Capitainerie Marina Pointe du Bout - 97229 Les Trois Ilets - Martinique FWI
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