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Photos of catamaran charters in Martinique

The pictures

Sunset Grande Anse Martinique

Boat at the anchorage

Grande Anse d'Arlet

Sunset in Grande Anse

Sailing boat RM 900

Fisher man in Martinique


At the anchorage

Cap Salomon

Fishing in Martinique

The pictures presented above are all from the cruises completed by the catamaran Kawai in Martinique. There you will find the moorings of Anses Chaudière, d'Arlets, Dufour, Grande Anse, Anse Noire, Fond Bellemare, Le Carbet, Saint Pierre, Anse Couleuvre.

Cruise in Martinique

On the Caribbean coast

The leeward side (west side) lends itself perfectly to cruise for a few days by catamaran. Well that houses of the swell of the wide by the island, the entire southern portion of the Martinique remains windy of the fact of landforms relatively low which leave go the wind.
The northern part is more often in the nonetheless, high terrain of the Pitons of Carbet and the Montagne pelèe which overlooks. However, by east wind to southeast, it is not uncommon to ride up to the Carbet to sailing.

The anchorages do not lack in Martinique, both in the northern part than in the southern part. The activities, white-sand or black-sand beaches, snorkeling spots, bar and restaurant ensures you a daily discovery of this island, which is one of the most beautiful islands in the West Indies.

A catamaran cruise in 3 or 4 days, by remaining on the west coast, you will see everything.

On the Atlantic coast

Very little practiced, the windward side of the Martinique is a real gem of a find. Small islands, coral reefs, moorings of the end of the world, white sand ... the place is of any beauty. However, it is not so easy to travel there. The boat being based on the Caribbean side, the first navigations will be against wind and current. Because of this, it is advisable to provide your catamaran cruise on the coast to the wind when the alize is more quiet, that is to say, statistically, between April and November.

For such a cruise, you need to provide for a duration of at least a small week, see more if you want to really enjoy.

PLASTICONSULT - Marina Pointe du Bout - 97229 Trois Ilets - Martinique
TEL: 0696 26 77 62 - SIRET:500 853 650 00017

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