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The photos presented on this page are from the cruises of the catamaran Kawai to the Grenadines, Martinique and St. Lucia.
Many of it have been taken to the Tobago Cays, but also to Mayreau, Petit Nevis, Petit Saint Vincent, Sandy, Saline, and Frigate Island, to regards that from the Grenadines.
Those taken in Martinique come from the anchorage of Anse Chaudière, Fond Bellemare and Anse Couleuvre.
Those from Saint Lucia have been taken to the Anse Cochon and in the Bay of the Pitons.

Diving or free diving catamaran charters

For the people who already have a level in these two disciplines, it is quite possible to focus your cruise on their practice.
The practice of diving is necessarily framed by a local structure to the Grenadines, but the clubs do not lack. Installed on the islands of Bequia, Union and Carriacou, they will enable you to dive on the most beautiful sites of the Grenadines, which are of a rare quality.

Practice of the snorkeling gear (fins, mask, snorkel) during the Cruises

Several sites allow a practice snorkeling whatever your level. The lagoon of Tobago Cays will allow you, even if you're a beginner, swim with sea turtles, sting rays and a multitude of tropical fish, residents of the barrier reef.
Several other sites, already provided for in the stopovers of catamaran cruises to the Grenadines have of funds and a very interesting wildlife for the practice of the snorkeling. Some are accessible to swimmers of all levels, on the other are more reserved for good swimmers or confirmed free divers.

Speargun fishing

Speargun fishing is prohibited to the Grenadines but can be practiced in Martinique. It is directed however to of the confirmed free divers and you'll need a plan to take your equipment. Lobster fishing at the lasso, the hook or by hand is, by contrast, allowed in some areas.

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