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Photos from charters in northern Grenadines

The pictures

Tobago Cays Grenadines

Anchorage Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau

Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau

Catamaran Kawai at Union Grenadines

Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau Grenadines

Palm Island beach and Union island

Restaurant at Palm Island and Union island

Happy Island

Tobago Cays anchorage

Union Island lagon

The photos shown above were taken during the cruises of the catamaran "Kawai" over the navigations and stopovers in the most beautiful anchorages of the northern Grenadines.

They present, pell-mell, the islands of Bequia, Petit Nevis, Isle Quatre, Baliceaux, Battowia, Moustique, Petit Moustique, Savan Island, Canouan, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Petit Tabac, World End Reef, Union, Palm Island and Petit Saint Vincent.

They were made in large majorities by my care, but also by some of my charter customers, amateurs in photography, which have well to me as a gift so that i published on this site.


I personally use a Canon G11 quite classical, compact device and allowing a chaix of adjustment to be quite important. Not being photographer in the soul, it is quite amazing to see how other devices much simpler permit, in certain conditions of light and lighting, to get out of the photos of equal quality and sometimes higher.


Well on, over the cruises in the Grenadines, I was able to take a important number of photos. These have been sorted in order to present the most beautiful. However, an amateur lit will produce photos of this quality (see well above) by taking the time to tackle.

Northern Grenadines charters

This part of the Grenadines is the unavoidable part during a cruise to the Grenadines, the fact of the quality and the beauty of anchorages, but also of the reception and the friendliness of the local population, more difficult to translate into images.

A cruise in the northern part of the Grenadines may have a duration of seven to twelve days, sometimes more. However, past this duration, do not make a jump up to the southern part of the archipelago would be unfortunate, because of the tranquility and beauty of the anchorages which await you there. He arrives to spend nights alone at anchor, even in full season, in the northern Grenadines, but this is not common. For some anchorages from the southern Grenadines, it is rare to find another boat. Another atmosphere...

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