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Sea turtles in Tobago Cays Grenadines

The video

Shooting conditions

This video has been turned to the Tobago Cays by one of my clients, to whom I had lent my Gopro, during one of the catamaran Kawai charter in the Grenadines. The images are a little flickering lines because of its lack of practice of apnea and image taken under water, but they show the ease that there has to approach the sea turtles in this sanctuary that is the national park of the Tobago Cays.

Charter in the Grenadines and sea turtles

No need to be a confirmed apneiste for approaching of sea turtles in the Tobago Cays. Even beginners in webbed-mask-tuba or for very young children (the youngest was two years old) can access the pleasure of swimming with these magnificent marine animals.
Although being in freedom in their natural environment, they are protected and of this fact, are not afraid of the human. They still leave a certain safety distance between them and you , it is fairly easy to deceive their mistrust (which, moreover, was not great) and go up to the touch. Everything is matter of calm, tranquility and patience.

During your catamaran charter in the Grenadines, you are about to see and swim with these marine animals. The Tobago Cays, you will only need to spend a few minutes in the water to approach them, on the condition of knowing where to look for them.
In fact, sea turtles are very fond of a certain species of marine algae. Find the herbarium that suits them and you find a colony of tortoise resident of the place. Those presented to the Tobago Cays are indeed almost all ringed , for study on their behavior and their reproduction.

The encounter with the sea turtles will be, without doubt, one of the highlights of your catamaran cruise to the Grenadines.

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