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The video

Shooting conditions

This video has been filmed to the Anse Chaudière during one of the cruises of the catamaran "Kawai" in Martinique. It was made on a single shoot, with a Gopro.

Yacht charter Martinique

Caribbean coast

The Caribbean coast of Martinique offers the possibility of many anchorages. The advantage of navigations on this side of the Martinique is that the plan of water remains protected from the swell of the high sea by the island whereas the prevailing wind, the alize, past the reliefs little high (especially in the south) without being too disturbed and allows a navigation 100% to the veil.
It is therefore easy, even for people who have never sailed, to achieve quiet cruises for a duration of one to four days, without the risk of heckling.

The landscapes and the seabed there are varied and some bays are among the most beautiful of the Caribbean, such as Grande Anse or Anse Noire.

You will find the most beautiful seabed to the Anse Chaudière (see video), Fond Bellemare or to the Anse Couleuvre.

Other anchorages will allow you to discover small villages of sinners preserves of tourism, like Grande Anse, Le Carbet or Saint Pierre, or you can go enjoy on the beach local cuisine.

Atlantic coast

The Atlantic coast of Martinique is a real gem. Very little practiced by the boaters, it conceals beautiful landscapes in a decor of end of the world. Ilets, coral reefs, white fund, all on a plan of water generally protected from the sea by the long barrier reef located in the wind on the island.

A cruise on the windward coast take a small week of duration, cause of the relative difficulty of navigation to get there. In fact, it is necessary to reassemble against wind and current standing in order to be able to access it. A navigation that it is preferable to undertake when the trade winds are relatively calm (May to November).

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