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Nurce sharks in the Caribbean

The video

Shooting conditions

This video was filmed by Morgan and his father, Alain, during their cruise on catamaran Kawai in the Grenadines, more precisely up the wind of the islet Morpion, ilet of sand of fifty meters in diameter.
For this video, Morgan has used its own Gopro. I have conducted a small mounting of images he has left me at the end of the cruise.

Sharks in the Grenadines

It is not exceptional to meet sharks in the Grenadines and the West Indies in general, but this does not occur every day. The apneistes assiduous, passing several hours in the water every day during their catamaran cruise to the Grenadines, if they are plunging on sites wild enough, have a good chance to make one of these meetings. The sinners or hunters submarine, by rejecting the waste and offal of their sin will also tend to attract the sharks.

The large majority of sharks encountered to the Grenadines are nurce sharks. This species is fairly innocuous if she does not feel in danger or contested. Attention yet, a nurce shark teeth, even if it looks like a shark plush and his reactions and his mood of the moment are not easy to understand to which does not have a big habit of their presence .

The other species are to be taken with more care, some being potentially aggressive. However, in seven years, I have crossed only once a reef shark, another time, a lemon shark. It therefore remains extremely rare and no accident of the shark i was never been postponed in the region.

During your catamaran charter to the Grenadines so you can take a dip without fears, but you can be when even prepared for the eventuality of one of these meetings, in order not to panic in the very unlikely event that this happens to you. This would be the last things to do.

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