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Tobago Cays (Grenadines) Windwards

The video

Shooting conditions

This video has been filmed up the wind of the Tobago Cays lagoon, on the part of the reef bordering the "dinghy Passage", during one of the catamaran "Kawai" charter in the Grenadines. They have, as the other submarine videos, been made with a Gopro. The music is once again to Alex (MusikSur) and fitting done by myself.

Windward of the Tobago Cays

The falling on the wind of the lagoon of the Tobago Cays is accessible from the boat, when he's anchored close enough to the barrier reef, by a passage in the reef called "dinghy passage".

Although protected by a second reef located in the wind of this area, there is a need for average condition to quiet to be able to access without too much fight against the current and to dive into the correct condition. Otherwise, the very choppy seas and the remnants of Houle does not allow to achieve there of breathholds of quality.

The output of the lagoon is quite impressive since, after having spent your time on the funds of one to three meters of white sand, you find yourself without a transition on a falling from twenty five meters almost in open sea.

The place is very interesting because, located inside the national park of the Tobago Cays, the fish there are many and large parts spend there regularly. However, it is to be reserved to good swimmer.

Catamaran charters in Grenadines and free diving

Several spots will allow you to practice the apnea during your catamaran charter to the Grenadines. There is for all tastes and all levels. The most interesting however, generally located in deap water, out of the shelter of the bays and usual anchorages, are reserved to confirmed free divers, the currents of tidally can be relatively strong and will install or reversed without preventing.

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